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NYC Office Space - Finding The Right Space

NYC Office SpaceSelecting the right NYC office space for your business is essential to your success. Your real estate is the facilitator of how your business functions. The wrong property can cost you millions in actual dollars as well as potential profits. Does your NYC office space selection support your company’s infrastructure from a technology standpoint? Does your real estate support your department’s communication from a layout perspective? Does the location allow for the easy access to today’s best talent? These are just a few questions that need to be considered when trying to relocate your company office space.

Today’s companies face three major costs. These costs are human resources, technology and real estate. All three are integrated today. Your office environment affects productivity which affects your bottom line. If the building that you are in cannot support the technology that you require your business will suffer. If the building layout efficiencies cause duplication of services, your organization’s bottom line will once again be affected.

START YOUR NYC OFFICE SPACE SEARCH NOW! recommends a four step process when beginning difficult task of aquiring your NYC office space:

NYC Office SpaceAssessment & Feasibility - Good Planning is the key to a successful transaction. You must take time to identify your requirements. Only after fully understanding your needs can you go to the market and evaluate the viability of the stated objectives. You can then modify your goals and objectives relative to any existing oppoprtunities.

Strategy - The next step in the process is to coordinate a team. recommends you assign specific tasks, schedules and benchmarks. You must look at all the factors that could affect the transaction. Remember to evaluate not only the quantitative financial comparisons the qualitative elements of each location as well. This analysis can include risk and sensitivity analysis. You can then look at the alternatives in the light of your objectives to see how well the real estate fits within the corporate strategy for the long term and the short term.

Execution - recommends you use highly skilled negotiators fully versed in the legal as well as business issues of the real estate transaction. These consultants allow you to conduct simultaneous negotiations and manage the teams working on the projects. They can help you with the move-in process. This will ensure that you are in your space and operating your business in a timely matter.

Advisory - A variety of services can help you manage your facilities. After your lease is signed you might want consider a number of services that will assist you do what you do best. Which is running your business, these services can include facility management, lease auditing and sublet and assignment assistance.